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What is there so attractive in these sexy Korean women?

Beautiful Korean women are attracted by their unusual youth. Here even a woman in 40 will look at 20. These beautiful ladies have very fair and delicate skin, well-groomed long black hair and dark eyes. Their appearance is like a puppet - everything is so perfect that there is nothing to complain about. So what is their secret? What is so special about mysterious Korean women?

Korean women are really very beautiful and attractive. They have a very slim figure and the girls themselves are miniature. After all, many men dream of a small, fragile girl. With such a lady, every man has the instinct of a defender, which brings even greater self-confidence. Through its fragility, it is possible to demonstrate to society its dominance, strength and masculinity.

Sexy Korean women love to show off their slim legs and slender waist, thereby emphasizing their femininity. They always dress according to the latest fashion trends and try to match the ideal of beauty. It is said that the impression of a person develops in the first 5 seconds of dating. Of course, you can’t make out everything to the smallest detail, but in a split second the whole image is covered: makeup, manicure, clothing style, posture. Therefore, self-care is an integral part of their life.

And the infrastructure of their country helps them a lot in creating the style. Since Korea is a paradise for shopaholics: there are stock hypermarkets, shopping areas, and local markets. All Koreans, without exception, buy famous brands. And meeting granny with Ray Ban glasses and a Prada bag here is standard.

Korean girls always allow a man to be a man. To seek the favor of a woman, to look after her, to help, to feel big and strong - after all, this is his work and pleasure.

 Beautiful Korean brides: the secret of youth

Do you think that Europe has too high requirements for women? You just have not been to Korea. Here, appearance is the key not only to a happy family life, but also to a successful career. And therefore it’s not enough just to be pretty. According to Korean men, a true woman is like a delicate flower, pure and innocent, but also glamorous and sexy. There is no age discount. Even at 50, be kind, match. And where to go if you live in a country where a groomed person is considered a sign of disrespect for the interlocutor ?!

Well, the weaker sex is struggling with wilting as it can. And I must say, quite successfully. This is probably why there are so many women who even look very fresh at a very elegant age.

It is believed that the main secret of the eternal youth of Koreans is their vaunted 10-step skin care. Finished to perfection compositions really work wonders, sometimes helping in the most hopeless and neglected cases. And yet, boasting of perfect faces, often without a single wrinkle, Asian women are a little bit soul-twisting. At least two more trump cards are in their sleeve.

The first is genes. The skin of Asian women is different from that of European women. It seems more elastic and healthier, but it depends on the thickness of the epidermis. In Korean women, it is 2–2.5 times thicker than ours. Melanin, which is more Asian in the epidermis, contributes to better protection of the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which means it slows down its wilting.

The second trump card is plastic surgery. Korea is the real world capital of plastic surgery. In Seoul, there’s nowhere to hide from ads calling to improve a particular part of the body with a scalpel. In the affluent Gangnam District, almost every wall is decorated with an arrow pointing to the nearest cosmetic surgery cabinet. Wherever you are - even in the subway, even on the street - you will surely catch the eye of a poster urging you to "breathe life into your face."

According to statistics, every fifth Korean woman in the country has performed at least one plastic surgery. Moreover, many girls are given money for their first plastic surgery by their parents for their 16th birthday. Most often, we are talking about surgery to change the shape of the eyelids or nose.

Korean brides for marriage: what should be respected 

A close relationship and mutual assistance exists between relatives. Korean families have many children, each family has an average of 4-5 children, families are frequent, with 7 or more children. Children are brought up in respect for parents and elders. The ancient traditional appeals of the younger to the older are still preserved. Korean children do not name their older brothers and sisters by name, but refer to them with the words "older brother" or "older sister."

Respect for the older generation is one of the foundations of Korean morality. In particular, in South Korea it is not pleasant to argue or enter into conflicts with elders.

Holidays in the family circle are also very much appreciated. Koreans believe that in every person’s life there are three big holidays: the first anniversary of the child, the wedding and the anniversary (sixtieth anniversary).

The wedding ceremony of the Koreans is very complicated, it consists of several stages, between which sometimes months pass. Having received consent from the girl’s parents, the father and mother of the boy begin to prepare for the so-called small wedding. It is held at the bride's house. After this, the boy and girl are considered engaged. During the holiday, parents agree on the wedding day.

Koreans celebrate their birthday every year, but the sixtieth anniversary is celebrated especially solemnly for both men and women. On this holiday, all the children of the hero of the day come from other cities and regions.

Korean women also like to relax and have fun. High alcohol prices do not stop local residents from going to the bar after work and having a drink with friends. It is curious that Koreans do not consider themselves a nation prone to drink, but in the evening you can meet a lot of people in the streets of Seoul.

If a Korean lady has her own man, she will have fun exclusively with him, family or girlfriends. A Korean girl, when she finds her love, cuts off any contacts with guys.

What does a Korean woman expect from her partner?


 It is very important for a Korean woman that her man be sincere with her.  Tell her what honesty plays a huge role in your life. That you despise all these miserable hypocrites who lie at every turn.  That this is one of the most important values ​​in your life.

  Believe me, such words are the first step towards her trust in her.  A Korean woman will understand that you can be trusted, that something intimate can be shared with you, that you have certain life principles that are also very important to her.


 All these feminists have long lost themselves in the illusory struggle for the rights of women.  But still, each of Korean bride is incredibly important to know that a man respects her. That he considers her equal. She wants to hear it from you.  What do you consider her a person, an independent unit, that you respect her choice and her decisions.

 Show some examples of respect for a woman: give her a place in public transport, open the door in front of her - all these little things that you yourself know are very important for her

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